Notary since 2005, I have always had an interest in mediation and amicable settlements. It started at the beginning of my career, with me enrolling in the Dispute Prevention and Settlement program at the University of Sherbrooke to get a specific expertise in the field.

My atypical journey in notary offices as a partner, manager in the Food & Beverage industry and also my farmer life gave me the opportunity to gain a wide range of skills that makes me the perfect mediator to accompany you.

2020 is a very special year for me. I started my family mediator practice and I decided, at the end of the year to dedicate myself full time to mediation. This made me progress toward a practice perfectly aligned with my values and interests.

I welcome you to my world, where a favorable climate will give you a safe space to talk and find a satisfactory solution based on common ground.

Patricia Fontaine, notary mediator

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